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New Mexican Art & Artisans

The art we sell is done by local Native New Mexico artisans. Items are sold on consignment for the artist to promote local art.

Artist-Frances Lucero BustamanteArtist Bio- Frances Lucero Bustamante, or "Fran" as she's known to her friends, was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, and has been  painting since 1982.  She has studied under Bette Harris, Peter Walker, and Bob Vigil, and has AIA juried and exhibited slides in New York.  She has also exhibited at Magnifico in Albuquerque, Decolores at the University of New Mexico, Littlest Gallery in Albuquerque, El Paso International Exhibition Museum of Fine Arts, Rio Grande Arts & Crafts, as well as juried, exhibited, and sold at New Mexico Hispanic Fine Arts Fair.  Her works include oil, pastels, watercolors, and acrylics.

Please inquire within if you would like to purchase any of her work.

Indians from Acoma ARROYO SECO NEW MEXICO TRUCHAS NEW MEXICO frances bustamante
frances bustamante frances bustamante frances bustamante  



Marino Chavez Local ArtistMarino Chavez local New Mexico artist. In his own words below.

"I had artistic ability ever since I could remember.It's a God given gift.
I have not taken art lessons. I am self-taught and it has been by many years of practice that I have developed my art skills.
I like to paint in acrylic because it dries faster. I paint as a hobby, but I also display and sell my art work on occasion.
Other subjects that I like to paint, besides aquatic scenery are tropical scenery, abstract, desert plants, people, and cartoons."

Please inquire within if you would like to purchase any of his work.

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